Julie Elgar

Employment: TV and Film

I have full kit, studio facilities, and selected stock of costume. References and portfolio available on request.



Costume Designer - "The Clown"

Short, Dir. Ben Mole


Costume Supervisor - "Cuckoo- Series 3"

7 part comedy series, BBC3, Roughcut, UK 2015


Costume Assistant - Thomas Dutronc "Allonges Dans L'Herbe"

Music promo, myAccomplice Ltd, London 2015


Costume Designer - "Fab - Sprinkles of Imagination"

Commercial, Asylum Films, UK 2015


Costume Designer - "The Genius of George Boole"

Docu drama, Oxford Film and TV, Ireland 2015


Costume Designer - "Churchill: When Britain Said No"

Docu drama, BBC2,  Oxford Film and TV, UK 2015


Costume Standby Dailies - "Level Up"

Feature Film, Fulwell 73, London 2015


Costume Designer - "Most Infamous"

Docu Drama 2 eps, Sky Vision, UK 2015


Costume Designer - "Churchill's Toyshop"

Docu drama, Sky Vision, UK 2015


Costume Designer - "Killers: Behind the Myth 3"

4 eps of 8 part series, Sky Vision, London 2015



Costume Designer - "The Last Days of..."

3 eps of 6 part series, Channel 5, Oxford Film & TV, Wales 2014


Costume Designer - "Europcar"

Internet commercial, Shaven Ape, London 2014


Costume Designer  - "Angels and Demons"

Music promo, Spring Loaded Films, London 2014


Costume Designer - "EDITD"

Commercial promo, London 2014


Costume Designer - "Heinz Sauces"

Internet commercial, After Dark Productions, London 2014


Costume Designer - "Planes That Changed The World"

3 part series, Arrow Media, UK 2014


Costume Designer - "The Nine Lives Of Schrodinger's Cat"

Teaser trailer, Camel Productions, London 2014


Costume Designer - "Wozedu"

Commercial promo, Penn Productions, UK 2014


Costume Stylist -Bete Noir "D level Dirt"

Music Promo, London 2014


Costume Standby - Dixons online commercials

Mind's Eye Media, London 2014


Costume Standby (Daily)- Howl

Silver Bullet Films, feature, London 2014


Costume Designer - "Nazi Megastructures 2"

Darlow Smithson, 6 part tv series, UK 2014


Costume Designer - "Satan Has A Bushy Tail"

Rubber Stamp Films, comedy short, London 2014


Costume Assistant - "Sickie"

Comedy,  London 2014


Costume Assistant -"Ultimate Brain"

CBBC quiz show, Zig Zag Productions, Wales 2014


Costume Designer - "Containment"

Bright Cold Day, feature, UK 2014


Costume Assistant/Standby - "Jet Trash"

Sums Film and Media, Feature film, London 2014


Costume Designer - Otravine online commercials

Shaved Ape Ltd, London 2014


Stylist - Corrina Taylor "Always Coming Back"

Music Promo, UK 2014



Costume Designer - "Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn"

Lion TV, 2 part TV series, UK 2013


Alterations Seamstress - "The Big Reunion Tour"

ITV, Live tour, London 2013


Costume Designer - "The Nocebo Effect"

Dir. Clare Mcdonald, NFTS short, London  2013


Costume Designer - "All The Dead Things"

Loop Productions, teaser trailer,  London 2013


Costume Designer - "Killers - Behind The Myth 2"

Sky Vision, 6 part TV series, London 2013


Assistant Costume Designer - "The Guvnors"

Fulwell 74, feature film, London 2013


Buyer - "Off Their Rockers"

CPL Productions, comedy TV series, London 2013


Costume Maker - "Non-Stop"

Sq Productions, teaser trailer, UK 2013


Costume Designer - "All I know Is Nothing"

Dir. Matt Barker, Short, London 2013


Costume Maker - "The Slammer"

BBC, Series, London 2013


Costume Designer - E4 Ident

Dir. Richard Hunter, London 2013


Costume Designer - "Killers - Behind The Myth"

Sky Vision, 6 part TV series, UK 2013


Costume Designer - "Geoffosaurus"

Dir. Louis Paxton, Short, London 2013


Costume Designer - "Nazi Megastructures"

Darlow Smithson, 6 part TV series, UK 2013


Costume Maker - "Dick and Dom's Diddy Movies"

BBC, childrens TV series, London 2013


Costume Designer - "The Company"

Dir. Ben Mole, Short, Future Imperfect for 48 Sci-Fi Film Challenge, London 2013,

Shortlisted in the top 10 films.


Additional Costume - "Medea"

Dromos Films, feature film, London 2013


Costume Designer - "Unsung Heroes"

Parthenon Entertainment/Sky Vision, TV series, London 2013


Costume Designer - "Peguin Man"

Short, Dir. Louis Paxton for Kodak/Kopperburg competition, London 2013

Selected for broadcast on the Kopperburg website and winner of 2 awards.



Costume Supervisor - "Soulmate"

Dir. Axelle Carolyn, Soulmate Film, feature film, Wales 2012


Costume Designer - "Making Sparks"

Web series, App Media, London 2012


Costume Assistant (Workroom) - "Da Vinci's Demons"

Tonto Films, Starz/BBC Worldwide, TV series, Wales 2012


Costume Assistant - "Dont Blame Us Cos We're Famous!"

Short, Parkville Pictures, London 2012


Costume Designer - "The Other Woman"

Short, Farzana Films, London 2012


Costume Supervisor - "Meet The Parents"

Objective Productions, comedy TV series, London 2012


Costume Designer - Smyths Toys, 3  TV Commercials

Origami Films, London 2012


Costume Designer - "Musical Star!"

Dir. Louis Paxton, NFTS short, London 2012


Wardrobe Supervisor - "ESPN Ident"

Earth, ESPN, London 2012


Costume Designer - Izo Fitzroy “Michael Coins”                

Music promo, London 2012


Textiles & Costume Designer -  “The House The 50's Built”

Wall To Wall, Channel 4, London 2012


Costume Designer -  “Adrift”

Nutopia, TV movie, UK 2012


Costume Designer - “Lahmia”

Independent Short, London 2012


UK Costume Designer - “The Case of Mary Ford”

Dir. Ben Mole, Independent Short, London 2012


Costume Maker - “Tom Davis Show”  

Pilot, Running Bear, London 2012


Costume Maker & Assistant - “Very Important People”

Running Bear, Channel 4, London 2012


Stylist - Oli Wennick “I Feel So Good Inside”

Music promo, London 2012


Costume Designer - “Seconds From Disaster 6”

Darlow Smithson, National Geographic, UK 2011-12



Costume Designer & Maker  - Stac “Wet”

Music promo, London 2011


Costume Assistant - Adam Tyler “Like a Drug”

Music promo, London 2011


Costume Assistant - “The Link”

Lion TV, National Geographic, London 2011


Costume Designer - “Seconds From Disaster 5”

Darlow Smithson, National Geographic, UK 2011


Costume Designer - “Fallen Soldiers”

Independant feature, Savage Media, London 2011


Costume Assistant - "The Pranker”

MTV, London 2011


Costume Assistant - “Very Important People”

Pilot, Running Bear, London 2011


Costume Designer - “Man Made Marvels”

ITV, National Geographic, London 2011


Costume Designer - “Unwritten Heroes”

Independent documentary, Wales 2011


Costume Assistant - “The Pranker”

Running Bear Pictures, London 2011


2010 and earlier

Costume Assistant & Maker - “The Morgana Show”

Running Bear Pictures, Channel 4, London 2010


Prop Maker - “Mystery Files 2”

Parthenon Entertainment, London 2010


Costume Designer - “Locked Up Abroad: Japan”

Raw TV, London 2010


Costume Maker - “Skate Nation”

BBC Television, London 2009


Costume Designer - “Iran: Guarding the Revolution”

ORTV, London 2009


Costume Designer - “Bluebird”

Independent short, London 2009


Costume Maker - “Trapped”

BBC Television, London, 2008


Employment: other (selected)

Owner - Rescue Me! Vintage and Costume

London 2005- present

Including vintage and antique clothing restoration, repair and alteration.


Seamstress - The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

London 2010-2012

Restoration and alteration of high end vintage, antique and original design wedding dresses.


Costume assistant - “The Potting Shed” by Graham Greene

Finborough Theatre, London 2010



BA Fine Art

Central St Martins College of Art (London Institute),London 2003-2007


Foundation in Art

South East Essex College, Essex 2002-2003


Access to Art

South East Essex College, Essex 2001-2002


I am a creative, resourceful and enthusiastic costume designer with experience in a variety of genres of TV and film productions as head of department, assistant and maker. I am able to work effectively on any budget and to tight schedules, with excellent research and sourcing skills. My background as a vintage clothing dealer and restorer has given me a thorough knowledge of vintage and period styles and construction techniques, including alteration and repairs. I am experienced in ageing and breaking down costume, liaising with pyrotechnicians, prosthetics and other departments.


I have always had a strong interest in creative practises, and enjoy using my practical skills, learning new techniques and developing an inventive problem solving approach to tasks, most importantly I really love my job!

Julie (left) with Corrina Taylor